We are Italian and European leaders in the design and manufacture of custom made gearboxes to fulfill the needs of most mechanical power transmission applications.

In our Italian based workshop we design and manufacture highly customized gearboxes for several industries, among which:

  • for the industry of steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, with gearboxes for coilers, un-coilers, hot and cold rolling mill stands, skin-pass, tilting converters, shears, pinion stands, twin drives, edgers, and gear spindles
  • for the paper industry, with gearboxes for Yankee dryers, CC-Rolls, suction presses, dryer cylinders, former rolls, pope rolls, winders/unwinders and pulpers
  • for power plants, with gearboxes for air pre-heaters (Ljungstrom drives) and coal mills for thermal power plants and with speed increasers with horizontal and vertical shafts for water turbines and for wind generators
  • for the industry of rubber and plastic, with gearboxes for calender drives, mixers and extruders
  • for the oil & gas industry, with gearboxes for compressors and for pumps drive both horizontal and vertical, even ATEX compliant upon request
  • for hoisting equipment, with gearboxes for travelling cranes, winches (also with differential gears), capstans drives
  • for the sugar industry, with screw press drives, diffusors and conveyers
  • for the industry of minerals and cement and for material handling equipment, with gearboxes for mills, stackers/reclaimers, conveyors, bucket elevators, ship loaders and unloaders, bucket wheel drives, as well as with large size gears for rotating kilns and mills
  • for pumping stations, with gearboxes for pump drives and for water treatment plants, with mixers drives
  • Our production includes industrial speed changes with up to 54 speeds, flexible and gear couplings, gear spindles and other devices dedicated to mechanical power transmission.

(Twin Drive Gearbox for aluminium rolling mill stand drive – weight 130.000 kg)