G.ELLI RIDUTTORI SEITES S.r.l. has been actively cooperating for decades with the leading plants manufacturers and engineering corporations as well as with end users in a multitude of industrial applications.

Thanks to this long-lasting experience in the field of custom made gearboxes, our company can supply the suitable solution to any problem of power transmission, fulfilling the achievement of all the customer's targets in terms of reliability and economy of operation.
Depending upon the requirements, it is possible to design and develop special units in compliance to the customer's needs as well as re-engineer gearboxes derived from the standard production line. 
In particular, we have already designed and manufactured special gearboxes for: 
  • steel, aluminum and metals industry (gearboxes for horizontal, vertical and convertible rolling mill stands, for coilers and un-coilers, for tilting converters, for shears, for pinion stands, twin drives, edgers, winders/unwinders units with speed change and reverser for steel ropes machines…)
  • paper industry (shaft mounted reducers for Yankee Dryers, CC Rolls, suction press cylinders, pulpers…)
  • rubber and plastic materials industry (gearboxes for calenders, mixers, extruders…)
  • chemical industry (gearboxes for stirrers, mixers and piston pumps drives…) 
  • oil & gas (gearboxes for horizontal or vertical pumps drives, also in compliance to ATEX regulations for operation in hazardous environments)
  • sugar industry (gearboxes for screw presses drives, diffusers, drum drives…) 
  • lifting and hoisting (winches assemblies complete of main hoisting reducers, drums, couplings, service and emergency brakes and baseplates, reducers for boom slewing, for carriage travel, for cable-cars, shaft mounted reducers for belt conveyors, gearboxes with differential devices…)
  • material handling (bucket wheel drives for stacker/reclaimers, chain elevators, ship loading and unloading drives, belts and conveyors…) 
  • power stations (gearboxes for cooling towers fans, speed increasers for hydroelectric generators, wind turbine speed increasers,  reducers for coal pulverizing mills, drives for Ljungstrom type air pre-heaters, pumping stations…