Paper industry has always been one of the most important market of our company. In fact, we are among the leading suppliers of gearboxes both for paper mills manufacturers and for end users in the markets we reach worldwide.

Riduttore comando cilindro monolucido

(Yankee dryer custom made gearbox complete with Sunday drive and two motors input)

Along our history we have accumulated experience in the production of:

  • Gearboxes for Yankee dryers, with the following characteristics:
    • case hardened and tempered gears, generously designed to achieve the maximum reliability
    • gear ratio defined upon request, so as to reach the best compromise between line speed and motor speed
    • low (hollow) speed shaft bearings, usually of the tapered rollers type, suitable to bear, if required, also the axial loads coming from the steam coupling
    • hollow shaft with fully customizable dimensions and geometry, based upon the Yankee dryer shaft; in detail, it is possible to provide:
      • diameters and lengths suited for any application, in order to match with existing cylinder shafts;
      • torque transmission by means of key and axial retaining ring or by means of tapered shrink discs with axial compressing bushing
    • available with one or two input shafts
    • forced feed lubrication by means of a centralized system or by means of a dedicated oil supply
    • available also with reaction arm
    • available also with Sunday, consisting of an auxiliary gearmotor installed onto the main gearbox
  • Right angle shafts gearboxes for pulper drive, with:
    • gleason or Klingelnberg type bevel gear pair, in case hardened and tempered steel, finished by grinding or lapping
    • thrust bearings suitably designed to bear the external loads acting on the low speed shaft
    • vertical low speed shaft with cylindrical or tapered end
    • forced feed lubrication by means of an on-board supply system
Riduttore comando Pulper

(Gearbox for pulper drive with lubrication system on board)

  • Parallel shafts, right-angle shafts and shaft mounted gearboxes for all the other positions of the paper mill (drying cylinders, former roll, suction press, CC-roll, pope reel, winder/unwinder), with dimensions taken from our catalogue or customized according to the specific requirements of the application. Every gearbox may be provided with connections for the installation of an array of sensor, in order to monitor its operating conditions.

Our maintenance services offer the maximum flexibility, being able to:

  • perform maintenance and revamping interventions on gearboxes even not of our production, so as to allow the maximum reliability over time;
  • modify the gear ratio, replacing one or more gear pair, in order to follow the increase of productivity required from the paper mill