G.ELLI RIDUTTORI SEITES S.r.l. has designed and manufactured several applications for the industry of rubber and plastics, cooperating with the most important plant manufacturers and end users and accumulating a vast experience based upon a large number of gearboxes installed in Italy and abroad.

IMG 0368

(Gearbox for calender drive with on-board lubrication system)

In fact, we are able to supply totally customized applications for:
  • gearboxes for calender drive, with:
    • helical gears in case hardened and tempered steel, ground on the teeth profile
    • center distances between the output shafts designed according to the Customer’s requirements
    • possibility to integrate the motor supports directly into the structure of the gearbox casing
    • possibility to equip the gearbox with couplings and hubs fitted onto the shafts ends, and if required also with pneumatic brakes
    • roller bearings of primary brands, directly purchased from the manufacturers on-board oil supply system
  • gearboxes for mixer drive, with the following characteristics:
    • helical (or double-helical) gears in case hardened and tempered steel, ground on the teeth profile
    • speed ratio between the output shafts according to the requirements of the application
    • possibility of providing an on-board oil supply system, as well as to connect the gearbox to a centralized system
IMG 0313

(Gearbox for mixer drive with double-helical gears on the output shafts and with on-board lubrication system – weight 15.000 kg)

  • gearboxes for extruders, with thrust bearings designed to bear the axial loads applied to the low speed shafts
  • parallel shafts and right-angle shafts gearboxes for all the other requirements of the plants for the production of rubber and plastics, with dimensions taken from our catalogue or customized according to the specific requirements of the application. Every gearbox may be provided with connections for the installation of an array of sensor, in order to monitor its operating conditions.
G.ELLI RIDUTTORI SEITES S.r.l. can also design and manufacture gearboxes perfectly interchangeable to existing ones, even if not originally manufactured by us. Furthermore, we can perform revamping and maintenance interventions, as well as design and provide modifications and improvements of existing gearboxes.