G.ELLI RIDUTTORI SEITES S.r.l. designed and manufactured contless applications in the field of material handling, cooperating with the most important OEMs and end users active in this field.

In fact, we can supply customized solutions for belt conveyors drives, possibly with:

  • solid low speed shafts or hollow low speed shafts (for shaft mounted gearboxes)
  • welded steel baseplates, suitable to support the motor and other accessories such as hydraulic couplings and service or emergency brakes
  • manually disengageable couplings to allow the installation of more than one drive in parallel
  • back-stop devices
  • optimized oil supply systems, suitable also for operation in non-horizontal position, by means of oil splash lubrication or by means of a forced feed lubrication system with the oil pump driven by the gearbox itself

Riduttore per comando nastro

(gearbox for belt conveyor, with 500 kW motor, back-stop device, hydraulic coupling on the high speed shaft, brake and manually disengageable coupling on the low speed shaft)

We manufacture also gearboxes for stacker-reclaimers, equipped by bevel, helical or planetary gear trains, such as:

  • bucket wheel drives, with hollow low speed shaft, with motor support, with accessories such as hydraulic couplings and brakes and with reaction arm provided with shock absorbers
  • boom slewing drives, with prolonged transmission shafts, pinions engaging with the rack of the stacker-reclaimer, torque limiter and brake

Riduttore comando ruota a tazze

(Gearbox for bucket wheel drive, with motor support, electric motor, hydraulic coupling, brake and reaction arm with shock absorber)

Riduttore comando argani

(Gearbox for winch, with baseplate and braking system)

We can also supply:

  • gearboxes for hoisting, cranes, winches, possibly with:
    • single or double-end output shafts, as well as one or more input shafts, even at right angle one to the other
    • baseplate suitable to support motors and other accessories such as couplings and brakes
    • drums for ropes, with fully customizable diameters and lengths
  • gearboxes for cableways, possibly with:
    • more than one input shafts, for electric motors and Diesel engines
    • gear shifts for reversing the direction of rotation
    • on-board forced feed lubrication systems with motor pump or with pump driven by the gearbox
    • casing in special steel, suitable to operate at low temperature
    • oil heater and anti-condensation heaters

Furthermore, we are able to design and manufacture spare gearboxes, perfectly interchangeable to the existing ones, even if originally not of our production. In the end, we can perform complete revamping and study modifications and improvements to existing gearboxes.