Our production range is highly diversified, and therefore we can provide the best solutions to the complex requirements coming from the market.

In fact, G.ELLI RIDUTTORI SEITES S.r.l. is able to serve the different needs related to applications in the field of the power transmission by means of gears, such as:

We also own the technical archives of the company “Sacerdoti”, and therefore we can supply spare parts or whole gearboxes perfectly interchangeable to the ones originally manufactured by that company, which is no longer on the market. As regards the supply of spare parts, we can manufacture spare gears according to our design, or according to the customer’s drawings, or expressly designed to fit special applications.

The production of these spare parts is articulated on:
  • helical gears in case hardened and tempered steel or in through hardened steel, also double-helical
  • Gleason or Klingelnberg type bevel gears in case hardened and tempered steel, finished by lapping or grinding
  • special couplings, with dimensions different from the catalogue or with special details such as the engaging/disengaging device
We can also supply services such as the monitoring of the operating conditions, thanks to the availability of specialized instruments for checking vibrations, noise, temperature and lubrication, and we can offer on-site assistance services by means of our engineers, at the customer’s plant during the installation and commissioning of our products.


(Parallel shafts gearbox with oil supply system)

Our company is characterized by its ability to manage internally all the production cycle, from the design to the machining operations and assembly.

Our know-how is based upon the practical experience accumulated through the multitude of applications developed during our activity, and thanks to the preparedness and continuous improvement of our engineers and of our technical resources.

In our field of activity, characterized by a constant evolution of technology and standards, it is of decisive importance to follow step-by-step the innovations and to gain access to state-of-the-art machinery and devices.

The 2D/3D CAD workstations of our Technical Department, for example, use the latest resources for drafting and modeling, thus allowing us to design with the utmost care to details and contributing to achieve a high quality product.

(Finite elements analysis of a gear)

In order to follow every aspect related to the components design, we have internally developed an extensive set of  calculation programs (according to the AGMA, DIN, ISO Standards) to select and design helical and bevel gears, to perform the wear and fatigue analysis and calculate and design the other components of the gearboxes, and we constantly keep an eye on new types of steel and standards applicable to our field.
Besides the design activities, also in manufacturing  we keep using the most recent technical innovations. In fact, a precision mechanical device like the gearbox needs a constant effort towards the compliance to the design specifications along all the production process.
The ability to perform all these manufacturing activities internally, thanks to the vast selection of machine tools in our workshop, together with a quality control system provided with the most modern testing instrumentation, allow us to manufacture a product able to fully comply with the demanding needs of the applications where it is employed.
Based upon this, our customers can witness both  to the various steps of manufacture and test of the gearbox parts, as well as to the final test run and to the issue of the relevant certificates.