G.ELLI RIDUTTORI SEITES S.r.l. with more than 60 years of experience can design and manufacture customized gearboxes for every industrial sector where the transmission of mechanical power is required.

Along these years we have successfully engineered and supplied several applications for:

  • plants for the production and processing of steel and non-ferrous metals
  • power plants (thermal, hydraulic and wind)
  • hoist, cranes and material handling equipment
  • paper industry
  • chemical industry, plants for the production of plastics and rubber
  • oil & gas industry, with gearboxes for pumps, horizontal or vertical, also in compliance to Atex requirements for operation in hazardous areas, possibly available with gear shift and on-board lubrication system

Riduttore comando pompa a pistoni

(Gearbox for piston pump drive, with gear shift, Atex compliant and with on-board lubrication system)

  • cement industry, with gearboxes for mills and with large size pinions and gears for mills or kilns
  • material crushing plants, with gearboxes for mills for coal pulverization or for crushing different materials, with gearboxes for hammer mills and with large size gears

Riduttore comando mulino martelli

(Gearbox for hammer mill, with twin 4000 HP motor input and with on-board lubrication system)
  • water treatment and purification, with horizontal or vertical gearboxes for pumps, screws, mixers…
  • sugar industry, with gearboxes for screw presses, diffusers…
  • motor industry, with speed increasers for test benches for motors and transmissions, suitable to high rotational speed, possibly provided with gear shift and on-board lubrication system
  • Furthermore, we can supply pinions, gears, couplings and other power transmission devices.