G.ELLI RIDUTTORI SEITES S.r.l. has always been very active in the industry of energy production, and a strict technical cooperation with end users and plant manufacturers is the key of our growth and success in this field.

Our company has a wide experience in the design and manufacture of  mechanical power transmission devices such as:

  • speed increasers for water turbines, with:
    • helical gears in case hardened and tempered steel, ground on the teeth profile
    • shafts layout in a horizontal or vertical plane
    • possibly complete of a supporting structure for the generator
    • provided with roller bearings suitable to the high rotational speed related to the turbine overspeed and able to bear the high loads coming from the turbine rotor
    • available with low speed shaft with axial bore and dimensions suited to fit the blade pitch variation device
    • lubrication by oil splash or by means of a forced feed on-board oil supply system, which may be provided, according to the specific needs, with:
      • motor-pump or pump directly driven by one shaft of the speed increaser, so as to allow lubrication even in absence of electric power
      • instruments for monitoring the operating parameters (oil pressure and flow) and the bearings temperature, in order to allow the remote control of the operating conditions
      • oil heaters and anti-condensation heaters

Moltiplicatore idroelettrico

(Speed increasers for Kaplan water turbine with hollow shaft for blade pitch variation and with on board lubrication system)

  • Wind turbine speed increasers, with:
    • helical gears in case hardened and tempered steel, ground on the teeth profile
    • solid or hollow low speed shafts, with customized diameter according to the requirements
    • lubrication by oil splash or by forced feed, possibly provided with:
      • oil micro-filtration unit, in order to allow long maintenance intervals
      • air-oil heat exchanger

Moltiplicatori eolico

(Speed increasers for wind turbine with hollow shaft and on-board lubrication system)

  • Gearboxes for air heaters for thermal power plants (Ljungström) with:
    • helical gears in case hardened and tempered steel, ground on the teeth profile
    • completely customizable layout, to match with the application requirements
    • provided with baseplate and connections to the air heater structure
    • available also with external gears to drive the heater rotor, directly fitted onto the low speed shaft provided with one or more motor supports, allowing:
      • the possibility of installing free-wheels or hydraulic couplings or elastic couplings
      • several input shafts for electric or air motors

Riduttore comando Ljungström

(Ljungström drive unit with electric motor, air motor and safety hand crank, provided with external gear and on-board lubrication system)

  • Gearboxes for coal mills for thermal power plants
  • Gearboxes for cooling towers, derived from our catalogue (type K2VK) or specifically designed, with:
    • low speed shaft support extending upwards
    • roller bearings suitable to bear the loads coming from the fan
    • special seals to prevent water entrance
    • possible casing construction in high impact strength steel for operation at low temperature

G.ELLI RIDUTTORI SEITES S.r.l. can also manufacture gearboxes perfectly interchangeable to existing ones, even if originally not of our production. Furthermore, we can perform complete revamping of gearboxes, as well as design and provide modifications of existing gearboxes.